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Hello friend, we are The MSM Foundation and we are passionate about empowering youth athletes to excel in their sport and in life. Our approach focuses on providing mental health and mental performance skills, tools, coaching, and community.

You may know us from the premium programs offered by MSM Performance Academy that have transformed the lives of 2000+ high performance youth athletes and their families.

Recently we have formed the MSM Foundation and our vision is to bring a simplified and low to no cost version of the program to 2.3 million young athletes, their families and their coaches in 2023. We strive to help young athletes move from merely surviving to thriving by providing them with the resources they need to succeed.

We are especially passionate about helping athletes develop proper coping techniques and promoting mental wellbeing. This focus on mental health comes at an incredibly important time for young people, who face rising levels of depression and anxiety due to the intense competition and pressure of sports today. Mental health is often overlooked or ignored when it comes to athletics, which can lead to isolation and further struggles down the line if not addressed early on.

That's why we believe everyone involved in youth sports should be aware of potential warning signs related to mental health issues among athletes. Parents and coaches should be trained in how to recognize when a player might need additional support, as well as be informed of resources available for those seeking help, such as the ones we offer. Furthermore, safe spaces should be created where athletes can express their feelings openly without judgment or stigma.

Moreover, The MSM Foundation endeavors to equip every youth athlete with a vital set of mental performance skills that will give them a competitive advantage as they transition into college or enter into the professional realm. Such skills go beyond purely physical abilities such as communication, confidence, resilience, composure and leadership traits that will serve them both on and off the field. With these assets in place, young athletes become more self-assured, self-reliant individuals who can thrive in any situation—not just sports but also education or business endeavors!


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