Our Story





Part 1.

We discovered a problem

For the past 4 years MSM Performance Academy has successfully helped over 2000+ athletes from all over the world establish a stronger mindset and accomplish their goals. However, it was not until October of 2022 that the leaders of our organization, Lucas Zeiler and Kal Maadi realized that what we have done... what we were doing was not enough. 

  • Katie Meyer
  • Arlana Miller
  • Morgan Rodgers
  • Tyler Hillinski
  • Sarah Shulze
  • Jayden Hill
  • Robert Martin
  • Lauren Bernett

These are the names of young prestigious collegiate athletes, who have all taken their own lives in the past few years due to Mental Health. 

We found that suicide was the second leading cause of death amongst collegiate athletes.

We found that there are 45 Million players playing Youth Sports in the US, and 80% of them will quit by the age of 15. 

70% of them will quit by the age of 13.

We found that we were in the midst of a Mental Health Crisis. 




Part 2.

We developed a solution

Immediately we went to the drawing board and vowed to create a Mass Movement to battle against these statistics and change the landscape of youth sports. 

Along with teaming up with the Leading Experts in Sport and Mental Health, we decided to take the frameworks from our premium program at MSM Performance Academy; which has successfully changed the lives of 2000+ Athletes for the better, and make it accessible to the masses through the forming of The MSM Foundation.



Part 3.

The Jordan Year Challenge

The Jordan Year Challenge is a one-week virtual summit for mental health and mental performance, hosted on March 23, 2023. This event will cost $23 and proceeds will be donated to the foundations of families who have lost their athlete due to mental health in sports. The goal is to further our reach and provide resources to our Parents, Players and Coaches so that we can revolutionize mental health awareness and mental performance development within the youth sports community.

The summit will feature interactive sessions with mental health experts, keynote speeches from renowned sports figures, practical resources for mental health maintenance and mental performance success beyond the summit.

In addition, we are working towards making this content available online to anyone who wishes to access it year-round; providing even greater reach in order to increase mental health awareness and ensure continued mental performance success among athletes.


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