No Mind Left Behind

We are on a mission to lead youth sports to a better culture where mental health and mental performance are foundational components of development; by uniting players, parents and coaches and providing tools, training, and experiences for families to fulfill their potential, and succeed in life. 
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Esperanza Ortiz
(Parent of Samuel)

"My son was having difficulties in life and in soccer. He wasn't happy with himself...he started going to the mentality program...he started changing immediately. His confidence levels went up. He became again the happy kid that he was when he was younger. And he started enjoying himself more on the field and also outside the field at home and with his friends."

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Mark Denau
(Parent of Simeon)

"He was really struggling mentally--felt defeated. He got to the point where he didn't even know if he wanted to play anymore...Within a couple of weeks he started seeing a huge difference. By the end of the 8 week program, he was showing consistent signs of being the player we always knew was in there. Became dominant on the field, vocal, confident in his decisions, not concerned about mistakes."

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Marcy Wallenmeyer
(Parent of Noah)

"...we've just seen him really develop and grow in his confidence on the field, in his confidence in himself...His coaches have noticed it. They've commented on just his aggressiveness and just how he's grown so much."




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